Upholstery Spray On Truck Interior

See above how our red Upholstery Spray tranformed the interior of a truck. This information was sent to us by a customer in the USA: “My truck is a 1987 Ford with 104000 miles on it. The cloth in the upholstery is good, only faded after 21 years of exposure to sun light. I only have one picture of the ‘before’ interior. The top area of the doors really turned out easy to mask off and spray. They were almost gray on the tops by the windows. I still have 1 can left from the package of 6 that I purchased for $60. I’ll use it for touch up whenever I need it. The quotes for reupholstery did not include the doors. That would have been another $100 on top of the $400 I had been quoted. Hope these help you; use whatever you want. You have a great product. Bill Strowbridge.

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