Recycling & Environment

Due to the unique composition of all of our fabric dye spray cans they are highly eco-friendly. Using a food-safe nitrogen propellant, pigments that are both kind to your skin and safe on the environment, they are the only sprays we are aware of that are truly environmentally safe. To further help our planet, please see the following advice below: Unused paint: Please consider sharing left-over paint with friends, or deposit it at a Community RePaint collection point. You can make a small difference to someone else’s life (see: Empty spray cans: If the spray canisters are empty, or if you are unable to share or upcycle the sprays, please recycle them. They can be recycled at home by just adding them to your metals recycling box (as you would do with empty drink cans). Please do not attempt to remove the lid or de-pressurise the spray can. More details on aerosol recycling can be found here: