Upholstery Spray Paint Instructions

Paint is intended for use on absorbent material. Test absorbency of material by applying water to a small area to see if material absorbs water. For best results, material should be dry, free of body oils and loose dirt.

Spray a small inconspicuous area of your fabric to see the end result before continuing project.

Simply Spray is designed for use on light fabric to transform from a light to dark colour. Our Simply Spray Upholstery Paint cannot be used on dark coloured fabrics to dye them lighter.

Instructions for use:

Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab.

Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from project and begin spraying.

IMPORTANT: Maintain even pressure on trigger while spraying, do not pump.

Spray thin layers of paint to cover project.

Rub paint into fabric in difficult areas.

For even coverage, allow first coat to dry completely then reapply.

Repeat until desired colour is achieved.

Dry time will depend on temperature and level of humidity.

To speed drying process, use a hairdryer to dry material.

Allow at least 72 hours for paint to dry before using sprayed item.

Instructions for cleaning nozzle and storage:

Clean tip of nozzle between each use; for best results, use entire can in one application.

Rinse under warm water or tip can upside down and spray to clear nozzle.

Let dry approximately one hour.

For long-term storage, store upside-down in a bowl of water.

WASHES OFF HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER – wash hands vigourously with soap and water to remove paint from skin.