Getting things ready

Before you start your project, it’s absolutely crucial you prepare.

Your project

Remove dirt or anything you believe may interrupt your work. For best results, wash and dry fabrics before dyeing (this helps to minimise fading), if the material is unable to be removed and washed then wipe clean fully in situé before beginning. To minimise unwanted soak-through and potentially lower the amount used, try putting plastic or cardboard between layers of fabric (if possible).

Your work area

Our spray dye will mark carpets, clothes and many other items, so it is advised to use a dust sheet, some cardboard or protection you deem suitable on anything you think may get stained during the process (these are material dyes, so waterproof / non-absorbent dust-sheets or plastic sheets will work best). The spray’s are typically quite focused and are relatively easy to control, however always air on the side of caution and take note of your surroundings (we cannot be held responsible for you accidently changing the colour of your carpet, or your pet!)

The spray can

Make sure you shake the can well before using, this allows the dye to be evenly mixed. Then tear off the blue safety tab at the top (otherwise you will not be able to squeeze the trigger).