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The Spray on Fabric Paint

Our unique fabric paint is totally different to other fabric dyes and paints out there. Why? Because you can spray it on.
That means no chucking it in the washing machine, leaving it in a bucket to soak, no taking off covers or re-upholstering, simply spray it on (that’s why we call it Simply Spray). Don’t chuck it away… up-cycle! You can totally change the colour of a sofa with our leather paint or upholstery dye, restore your car’s interior, use it on a handbag or shoes, refresh office furniture, dashboard, wellies, tent, blinds, curtains and so much more…
Oh, did we mention it’s totally washable, CFC-free, environmentally friendly, doesn’t smell, fade resistant, we even have new outdoor waterproof textile paint and it’s all completely safe for use by children. We have featured quite a lot in the press recently, and become quite well-known. That’s because our fabric paints work (really well), and we get great reviews every day.

Fabric Spray News

Fee Gilfeather
“In total our Oxfam festival shop made £130,000 this year, more than twice what we did last year. That’s down to the extra stuff we had going on to bring people to the shop tent, like the DIY with Mrs Jones. The donation of Simply Sprays definitely helped us towards this total, thank you.”
Fee Gilfeather / Oxfam
Marion Boddy-Evans
“There’s no longer need to invest those big sums of money on new office partition walls, simply transform your faded ones with Simply Spray Upholstery Spray Paint.”
Marion Boddy-Evans
“If you like fabric painting but hate heat setting the paint, then Simply Spray fabric paint may be worth a try as it doesn’t require heat setting. Simply Spray fabric paint certainly does what it says on the packaging, but it’s quite different to using a brush to apply fabric paint and will take practice to get the most from it.”