Baby nappy bag

Me and my wife are expecting a girl for our first child. When we found out we had a look around and found a nappy bag in grey as this was the colour we were looking to get a matching pram in.

After much deliberation my wife fell in love with an olive green and rose gold frame pram. Which meant the bag wouldn’t match, after much deliberation and searching online we couldn’t find a suitable replacement. So I looked through simply sprays catalogue of products and ordered what I needed. 

The fabric on the bag is semi waterproof, I did a test area with water and noticed some soaked In but the rest just beaded up so I found a product suitable and ordered that.

I gave the bag a good wipe down with a clean cloth all over then removed all the tassels on the zippers. I then got masking tape and covered the buckles and zippers. Along with anything else I didn’t want to change the colour of as the spray coats most things.

Before I started spraying I masked off my work area with some old MDF I had lying around I shook the can for a good five minutes and also had the can in a warm water bath to make sure it was well mixed.

I did panel by panel of the bag trouble being how the bag is made the are alot of over / underhangs. So what I ended up doing as I couldn’t get the paint into some of the gaps was using a paint brush I would paint in missed spots just by adding a little from the can onto the brush and touch that area up(not sure if you’re supposed to do this but it worked for me). I then let it dry for 10 mins or so and checked the coverage then re applied untill I was happy. Coverage was excellent no patches in sight. Only area I didn’t like was under the flap as the round magnets I didn’t mask well enough and left some grey patches.There was no bleed through into the lining of the bag either.

Let it dry for 24 hours and as you can see the end result is fantastic the wife is very happy colour match is close but as different fabric looks great either way.

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