Fabric Spray Paint Instructions

Tip: Use on 100% cotton light-coloured fabrics. Spray a small inconspicuous area of your fabric to see the end result before continuing project. Simply Spray is designed for use on light fabric to transform from a light to dark colour. Our Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint cannot be used on dark coloured fabrics to dye them lighter. Instructions for use:   Protect work area. Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab. Practice on scrap fabric or paper towels first. Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from project. IMPORTANT: Begin spraying off project and end off project. Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump. In a slow circular motion, spray thin layers of paint. Creating effects & blending: Using on pre-coloured fabric: Some customers and interior designers will overlay the existing colour of their item with our standard spray dye, this often creates a bleed through effect merging the colours. If this is something you wish to experiment with, please do not expect the standard sprays to match the colour on the can.  Please note: We typically advise against dying coloured material with our standard small and large (upholstery) spray dyes due to them not covering as you would expect, or in some cases, at all. This is because they are material dye hybrids, if you imagine attempting to dye a black sweatshirt in the washing machine with yellow dye, you would not anticipate success. This rule does not normally apply to vinyl, leather & our outdoor/waterproof range however. Blending: It is possible to create light to dark areas using the same colour with layering and adjusting the distance you spray from. People have also had varying degrees of success with blending several colours together to create new colours, although it is not generally advised, you might want to take a look at some projects. When using light coverage, you can complete many small projects with one can of Simply Spray. Paint stays soft on fabric. Instructions for cleaning nozzle and storage: Clean tip of nozzle between each use. Rinse under warm water or tip can upside down and spray to clear nozzle. Let dry approximately one hour. For long-term storage, store upside-down in a bowl of water. Instructions for machine washing finished projects: Wait 72 hours to wash, no need to heat set. Do not use fabric softener, tumble dry on low, turn inside out. WASHES OFF HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER.