Simply Spray Supporting Oxfam @ Glastonbury 2009

Oxfam have launched a big campaign called Oxfam DIY which focuses about taking what you have and customising it yourself, turning it into something new. Fashion designer Mrs Jones has been spearheading the campaign ( and has redesigned the Oxfam store in Camden and run DIY workshops there; they are now taking this to festivals across the summer, the main one being Glastonbury this week! Mrs Jones is a hugely successful fashion designer, famous for working with the likes of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and The Killers! For more details on the campaign you can go to: So how does this involve Simply Spray fabric spray paint? Well obviously a big part of our DIYing is spraying the Oxfam clothes with new designs, stencils, stripes etc and this is done using our fabric spray paint. Oxfam want people to carry on customising when they get home; therefore, they need information on where they can get the products Oxfam are using. So we thought it would be a good idea to get involved in the activity by supplying our fabric spray paint for each of the festivals. Our Simply Spray will be promoted during the festivals, most notably Glastonbury this week, in conjunction with Oxfam DIY. In reply, we ( will be donating 20% of proceeds from the event to Oxfam DIY; we believe this is a tremendous cause. Oxfam DIY will be running workshops between 12 – 2pm Thurs-Sun at Glastonbury in the huge Oxfam DIY tent and also hosting a Catwalk backstage at the infamous Pyramid Stage on Friday with outfits that have been created at the workshops using our fabric spray paint. All of this will be captured on film and in photograph and will be uploaded here on our website, so visit us next week to see the results. Finally, if you’re off to Glastonbury this week keep an eye out for our Simply Spray fabric spray paints and have a great time!

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