Our New Website, What Do You Think??

If you are a regular user of our Simply Spray products and a regular visitor to our www.fabricspray.co.uk website you will have noticed a big change in the past couple of weeks! Do you like it? Our web team have been working hard over the past 2 months to develop and launch our brand new Fabric Spray website. We think they have done a great job but what do you think? Click here and tell us. Why have we developed a new website I hear you say?! Well, once again we have listened to feedback from our customers and done something about it. We have received comments over the years to say that our website does not contain enough information, especially pictures, videos and examples of projects completed using our Simply Spray products. Well this is all about to change. Here’s a list of new features on our newly launched website:

  • New gallery and project ideas sections; these will be continuously updated with pictures, videos and comments from customers illustrating how they have used Simply Spray products to rejuvenate clothes, furniture etc.
  • Rewards for your feedback and pictures; we are keen to involve our customers as much as possible and are encouraging them to send in pictures and videos of their projects. With every order placed we will send a follow up email asking for feedback and pictures to post to our gallery; if our customers are kind enough to do so we will reward them with discounts off future orders.
  • A trade / bulk order system; if you are looking to order in large quantities for us, you can now visit our trade / bulk order section by clicking here. You can register your details and receive big discounts but only if you are willing to order £300 worth of Simply Spray products.
  • Just lots more information; we promise to provide you with loads more useful information, tips, techniques etc.

As ever we are really keen to hear from you, what do you think of our new website? We can only improve with your honest feedback so please click hear to get in touch and give us your thoughts, they will be much appreciated. Thank you lovely people!

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