NEW: Waterproof spray paint for fabric

Waterproof fabric paint is here… Now you can change the colour of your fabric quickly and easily whilst adding waterproof layer to it. It’s been specifically formulated to stand up to the rigours of outdoors. It’s weatherproof, UV-resistant, waterproof and very hardwearing. Use it to transform your outdoor furniture, canopy, awning, tent, jacket and almost anything else. Unlike some of our other fabric paints, you can use it on non-absorbant materials, you don’t need a primer and it comes in the biggest can we do, so it will cover very large areas. Of course it’s environmentally friendly, using our food-safe gas as a propellant and the new patented dye, adding to our range of the only eco-friendly spray paints on the market. Take a look at our new waterproof fabric paint section to see the range.

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