Elegant Place Settings

Materials needed:
  • Blank placemat and napkin – white, ivory or linen colour. (We chose linen placemats with beaded edges and matching napkins)
  • Simply Spray Fabric Paint:
  • Simply Spray Olive Green
  • Stencil Paint Gold Glimmer
  • Beaded ribbon (optional embellishment
  • Adornament fibers in matching colours (optional embellishment if adding beads)
  • Chunky foam stamp in leaf pattern.
  • Acrylic paint in coordinating colour (olive green)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Paintbrush

Hint: You may want to purchase a yard of inexpensive muslin to practice on. Cut into squares and test pattern before applying to placemat and napkin.

  • Paint a thin coat of dishwashing liquid onto the stamp. Stamp placemat/napkin. Repeat this step for each stamped design. Always reapply dishwashing liquid before stamping a new image.
  • When entire placemant/napkin has been stamped,. Simply Spray olive in small areas. Lightly spray on gold to give the placemat a sparkling look. Let the paint completely dry.
  • When dried, place in washing machine or wash by hand. Let dry. Apply acrylic paint in colour of choice to chunky stamp. Stamp design onto placemat/napkin. Let dry.
  • Sew beaded ribbon onto sides of placemat if desired. Cut Adornaments fibers into 3” strips and tie around beads for extra embellishment. If your placemat is already beaded, simply tie fibers around bead strands.
  • Embellish napkin with your favorite napkin ring holder.


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