One of the most unique things about Simply Spray is the ability to blend colours easily! You’ll find that almost all of the colours work well together. Some of our favorite colour combinations that blend well or work great together are: Bright Pink & Bright Yellow (makes a beautiful coral colour) Blue Jay and Spring Green Deep Purple, Cranberry & Blue Jay Sky Blue, Lilac & Bright Pink Green Apple & Bright Yellow Bright Orange, Poppy Red & Bright Yellow Poppy Red & Blue Jay Spring Green & Green Apple Any colour works with black! Blending with black gives depth to any project. If you are making a tie dye and want to add depth, we suggest starting with a twist and a spray of black! Black deepens other colours and makes a wild tie dye when you combine Black with Deep Purple & Blue Jay. The only colour to be careful blending with others is Bright Orange. It works well with most colours, but blending with green, blue or purple can create a brownish colour.

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