Tropical Rain Bed Linens

Don’t spend big bucks on designer sheets when you can design your own!! It’s easy and fun ….and a little addicting too! Supply List: (for reference the sheets listed in the picture are queen size. 2-4 cans of simply spray are needed for a sheet this large depending on the amount of fabric dye placed on the fabric.)

  • 2-3 cans in colour (s) of choice per twin   or full size sheet
  • 3-4 cans in colour (s) of choice per queen size sheet
  • Chunky Foam stamps in designs of choice. We used a flower and leaf theme
  • 1″ wide paint brush
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • 1 Cotton or Cotton blend sheet set in white
  • Acrylic paint in coordinating colours (optional)
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Clothespins

Designer Note:   This project is very forgiving, no measuring is needed. You want variations in colour and random patterns since this lends itself to the uniqueness of the project. You can achieve great effects by using dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid acts as a resist.   You will only see the true effect of the resist after the project has been washed and dried.   PILLOWCASES: Place newspaper, cardboard or wax paper inside the pillow case. Paint two inch wide stripes with dishwashing liquid directly onto the pillow. When finished painting stripes. Spray with colour of choice. Flip over and spray the back. Sprinkle water lightly onto the back of pillowcase with fingers, creating a raindrop effect. Allow to dry. Wash in washing machine. Dry. When dry, apply acrylic paint to stamp and randomly stamp pattern onto pillow case. You may also lightly spray fabric dye onto the stamp if desired.   FITTED SHEET: Work on small areas at a time, don’t worry about the paint drying and leaving a line, the colours will blend together using this technique. Stretch corner over a piece of cardboard, secure with clothespins. Sprinkle the area with water. Do not cover entire area with water. Spray fabric with colour of choice. Some spots may be lighter than others. Allow to dry for one minute. Lightly sprinkle the area again with water. You will notice that tiny little raindrops will appear. A little water goes a long ways, It’s always better to stop when you think you have too little water on the sheet. Move to the next area and repeat the above instructions. Be sure to spray over the line from the last area to blend. Gently sprinkle with water. Repeat this step until the entire sheet has been covered. Place in dryer to dry. Wash in cold water and dry as normal.   TOP SHEET: Paint dishwashing liquid onto chunky stamp and stamp as desired over 1/3 rd of the sheet. After desired pattern is stamped, Spray with colour ending just before your last few stamps. Repeat these steps until you have the entire surface stamped and sprayed. Allow to dry completely. Place in a washer with cold water and wash. Dry completely. When finished, paint acrylic paint onto stamp of choice and stamp pattern onto sheet. tropical-rain-bed

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