The origins of Simply Spray

Simply Spray is manufactured in the USA and we (, a division of The Needham Group) are the exclusive UK distributors. Launched in only February 2009 in the UK, Simply Spray has been around for much longer in the USA, 6 years to be precise. Simply Spray was originally developed as an alternative/replacement for fabric dye (which is extremely messy), and for creating effects such as tie dye. Following huge success Simply Spray was patented worldwide and it is this uniqueness that ensures it will continue to be successful; Simply Spray is the only non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic but permanent fabric spray paint available. Despite being a much simpler and less messy alternative to fabric dye, the Simply Spray range has now expanded to include three products; Fabric Spray Paint, Stencil Spray Paint and Upholstery Spray Paint. Simply Spray products are extremely flexible and can be used for a large number of purposes on almost all fabrics, such as; designing your own T-shirts, soft furnishings, re-upholstering sofas and re-upholstering car interiors; the products are also child friendly and make great party ideas and toys for children.

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