Summer Sunburst Beach Towel & Tote

Approximate Crafting Time: 30 minutes Skill Level:   No experience necessary.

Materials: White Terry Cloth Beach Towel 1 Tote bag Simply Spray – Orange & Yellow Chunky Stamp in Sun shape (optional) Acrylic Fabric Paint in Orange and yellow (optional) HINTS: Lay out newspapers to protect surfaces or do this in the yard on a warm summer’s day. You may want to practice on very inexpensive muslin before spraying your towel. Summer Sunburst Beach Towel:

  • Lay towel out flat. Place fingers in the center of beach towel and twist clockwise.
  • Beginning in the center, Simply Spray orange fabric dye onto towel ending the spray off the towel. Repeat with yellow spray.
  • Open up to reveal pattern. You may twist again in the same area or another area of choice and repeat the above steps to create a variation in design.
  • Paint orange fabric paint onto center of sun stamp. Paint yellow fabric paint onto the outer edges of sun’s rays. Stamp where desired. This project was stamped in all four corners.

Tote Bag:

  • Simply Spray yellow around edges of tote back on front and back. Stamp sun pattern into the center with chunky stamp.
  • Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes. We recommend that you wait 72 hours to wash.
  • Take it to the pool and you’ll be a hit with all your friends.


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