STENCILING: Multi-colour

We recommend that you use Stencil Spray to stencil, but we also understand that you may want a soft feel to your project rather than the silkscreen texture from Stencil Spray. When you are using Simply Spray with a stencil you can create beautiful blended colours. We suggest lightly spray gluing the back of your stencil before applying to the fabric. Cover the edges of the stencil with something absorbent like scrap fabric or paper towels to avoid spraying paint on them. Larger stencils are the easiest to use. To achieve crisp edges with Simply Spray, lightly spray the stencil with Stencil Spray Gold Glimmer or Silver Glimmer. This will give a nice shiny base for you to work with but will also add texture to your project. You could always stop here and have just silver or gold for your image. While the paint is still wet, lightly spray Simply Spray colours over it in a pattern. Use colours that work well together and spray in stripes or circles around the inside of the stencil. Let colours touch, but you do not need to spray over each other. Always spray in light coats of paint to avoid dripping. Being careful not to touch the inside of the stencil, pat the excess paint from the edges with an absorbent paper towel. A good tip is to have a hair dryer handy so you can dry each layer of paint as you blend colours. When you lift your stencil you will be amazed at the awesome image you were able to create!

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