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Outdoor / Waterproof Fabric Spray Paint

Designed to stand up to any weather, our outdoor fabric paint is completely waterproof, will stick to almost any fabric (whether it’s coated or not), and will last for the years to come. Perfect for awnings, tents, jackets, convertible car hoods, umbrella’s, furniture and a whole lot more…
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Fabric Waterproofing Spray Paint

Waterproof Fabric Spray Paint – Rust


A Waterproofing Spray for Fabric

Choose from a range of colours and use as a waterproofing spray for your fabric, our environmentally-friendly formula will keep your project looking fresh and colourful long into the future. Exceptionally quick and easy to apply, touch dry in an hour, fully dry in 24-48 (dependent on conditions), the extra large spray cans are great for larger projects.