Photos from the Fashion Show

Please see below the costumes designed using our fabric paints. Simply Spray was used recently to design costumes for a Fashion Show hosted by the Cleveland College of Art & Design. It’s amazing what can be created using fabric spray paint: If you like any of the designs below and wish to discover more, you can contact the designer by visiting the Fashion Show Facebook Page by clicking here. 4249_84583189388_77230889388_1929938_5352664_n 4249_84583194388_77230889388_1929939_459269_n 4249_84583209388_77230889388_1929942_4423229_n 4249_84583244388_77230889388_1929945_332763_n 4249_84583249388_77230889388_1929946_7700965_n 4249_84583264388_77230889388_1929948_6019003_n 4249_84583289388_77230889388_1929953_4063086_n 4249_84583319388_77230889388_1929958_1367096_n

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