Personalized Pillowcase

Approximate Crafting Time: 30 minutes Skill Level:   No experience necessary. Personalize your child’s pillow for a sleep over. Make personalized pillowcases as a party favor at slumber parties. Re-decorate easily with Simply Spray. You can make 3 projects from the paints listed.

Supply List:

Pillowcase, pre-washed and dried to minimize fading 1 can of each Simply Spray Fabric Paint colours: Blue Jay, Deep Purple, Sky Blue and Lilac Foam pre-cut shapes: stars and moonFoam pre-cut letters for desired name 1 can of Spray Glue Newspaper or craft paper Paper towels

  • Lay pillowcase flat on protected work area. Arrange letters in the center of the pillowcase in an arch. Arrange stars and moon in desired design.
  • Carefully pick up each foam piece and spray the back lightly with spray glue, place in position.
  • With your finger tips, lightly “scrunch” pillowcase to make large wrinkles, be careful to keep name area flat and straight.
  • Following manufacturer’s instructions, shake cans of Simply Spray and tear tabs. For best results, in one motion, begin spraying onto a paper towel in your free hand then continue onto your pillowcase. End spraying onto paper towel. This will minimize splatter on project.
  • Using a diagonal motion, alternate colours in a striped effect. Begin by using Deep Purple across the top left corner in a wide stripe. Then make a wide stripe of Blue Jay. Continue alternating Deep Purple and Blue Jay until exposed area is covered.
  • Lay pillowcase flat and use Lilac and Sky Blue to lightly cover exposed areas. Use Lilac over the Deep Purple and Sky Blue over Blue Jay.
  • Blot off excess paint from the foam pieces with a paper towel.   Carefully lift each foam piece off pillowcase. Hang or lay flat to dry. Wait 72 hours before washing. Turn inside out when washing; do not use fabric softener.


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