Our Waterproofing Spray as a Convertible Top Dye

Very kindly, one of our customers has shared their experiences respraying a convertible car hood, using our new outdoor focused waterproofing spray paint for fabric. As you will see from the photo’s the end results are pretty good, revitalizing and adding extra depth to the faded soft-top material.

Suitability as a soft-top dye

Our new waterproof fabric spray paint can be used on a wide variety of fabrics and should be suitable for most convertible soft-top materials, as well as a host of other materials. However, as always, please conduct a test first, a handful of Sonnenland-Dralon hooding materials have an extended dry time and may remain sticky, (possibly due to their Vinyl Acetone makeup), in these instances you may find our Vinyl dye more suitable.

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