One of a Kind Designer Fabric Journal

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: Design your own – One of a Kind fabric quickly and easily- even if you think you have no artistic talent!!!   This journal will make a great and unique gift! Use fabric designs in home décor such as table scarves, place mats or even lampshades!   Materials:

  • Simply Spray  Tan
  • Simply Spray Chestnut Brown
  • Simply Spray Olive Green
  • Metallic fabric paint   – gold and copper
  • Inexpensive journal
  • 1 yard 100% polyester muslin fabric
  • Polyester Batting (size of journal laid flat)
  • Black Mulberry paper
  • Black cardstock
  • Paintbrushes (small flat & round)
  • Optional findings and embellishments (we used – copper coloured wire, feathers and a twig)
  • “Journal”   Rubberstamp or rubber stamp of choice (optional)
  • Decorators Solution Fabric Perfect (adhesive)
  • Heat gun
  • Old Newspapers
  • Paper towels

Designers note: One yard of polyester muslin is inexpensive and allows you enough fabric to practice your technique. This technique must be done on 100% polyester fabric. – it will not work on cotton or cotton blends.   Cover your entire work surface with newspapers. Clean up with soap & water. Cut fabric into four equal pieces. This will give you 3 practice swatches and one Final swatch. Spray one fabric swatch randomly with tan, chestnut and olive green colours giving it enough paint to lay on top of the fabric.   You will notice the paint will “bead” and not soak into the fabric layers. With a round brush manipulate the paint by drawing the center line of the feather first. (vary the length of the lines from 2″ to 4″ ) Beginning at the bottom on the left side of the line, use light short strokes as you draw lines upward towards the top of the feather. Each line will get progressively shorter as you move up to the top of the feather. Repeat this for the right side of the feather. Add feathers randomly over the entire section of the fabric. Use heat gun to dry fabric. When fabric is completely dry, highlight each feather with gold and copper metallic fabric paint using the same strokes as you did for creating the feathers. Heat set again. Open journal and lay on top of batting. Cut top and bottom to fit exactly. Cut batting on sides adding 1/4″ to each side of journal to allow for book to close. Decide where you want to place the front of your journal on the fabric so that it shows the best pattern. Turn fabric upside down. Lay polyester batting on top, followed by the opened journal. Cut the fabric around the journal leaving a 1″ border around all the edges. Fold corners inside the cover and glue. Cut two slits on each side of the spine. Glue down all remaining edges (top, side and bottom) Tuck the excess fabric into the spine. Repeat for the back cover. Tear a piece of black mulberry paper 3/4″ wide by the length of the journal plus 1″. Glue edges inside journal. Repeat this step with wire. Cut out a piece of cardstock to fit the front of the journal. Trim off 1/8″ all the way around. Glue cardstock to the inside of front cover to hide the edges of fabric. Repeat for back cover Continue gluing on embellishments as desired. Allow glue to set. fabric-journal

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