New Spray Paint For Leather

Over the years we have had so many customers contact us to ask whether our Upholstery Spray Paint can work on leather (which it can’t), but we are pleased to say that we have listened to your requests and developed a new product especially for you; our brand new Leather Spray Paint. Our new permanent Leather Spray Paint means you can now restore old leather back to its original glory quickly and easily; it can be used on all kinds of leather such as leather furniture, leather car interiors, leather shoes, anything leather! It is the perfect solution for renewing that piece of furniture you’ve considered replacing and is specially formulated for leather, and is permanent once it’s set. As per our new Vinyl Spray Paint (also coming soon), our Leather Spray Paint is a two part system. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms you will need to apply our Leather Primer as a base coat. Once the primer is applied and dried you simply spray your leather furniture with your desired colour and it is restored like new. Our spray paint for leather will be available in 4 colours; black, brown, camel (tan) and charcoal. Our new Leather Spray Paints will be available on our website next week. If you can’t wait until then, please contact us and we can take your order offline. Thank you for reading!!

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