Fabricspray.co.uk Sponsoring Fashion Student

Fabricspray.co.uk is sponsoring a BA (Hons) Fashion student with our Simply Spray fabric spray paint. Chantelle, a student at Cleveland College of Art and Design in Middlesbrough, is in the final few months of her degree in Fashion Enterprise. In order to complete her degree she must produce a collection of outfits which will be shown at the college’s end of year fashion show; the students have had to raise all of the money for the show themselves with all profits from the night going to charity. Chantelle will be producing 5 or 6 outfits for the event and will be using our fabric spray paint on most if not all of her outfits; as a result of this, www.fabricspray.co.uk will be sponsoring her by supplying all of the fabric spray paints at no cost. We will continually update this page with pictures of Chantelle’s progress as she designs and creates her outfits; so, if you want to see our fabric spray paints in action then here’s the place to see it!

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