Do you qualify for a whopping discount?

Are you an interior designer, do you run a craft workshop or drama group, are you a teacher, or do you use fabric spray professionally? If the answer is yes and you run a website or blog, you might be eligible for a whopping 50% discount off your order!

Spread the Word!

We want people to see real, impartial user experiences so they can make an educated decision about Simply Spray. However, this can only come from you, the end customer. So if you can help us get the message out, we will help you. If you do not run a website or blog of your own, you can still qualify for a discount by simply emailing some good quality images alongside some information about your project (perhaps a step-by-step guide, or some hints and tips). Once you have posted and/or passed us the project details, we will apply the discount.   To find out more call us on 01948 662629 or send us a message

How do I apply?

You will need to contact us first to qualify your application, after that it’s quite straight-forward: Simply post the details of your project on the net linking back to our website and let people know what Simply Spray products you used, and where you got it from…