Exclusive UK distributor of Simply Spray

The Needham Group, a family owned business based in Whitchurch, Shropshire, has recently been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of Simply Spray fabric spray paints. Simply Spray fabric paints are unique in that they are the only non-toxic and non-flammable fabric paints available making them easy to use and safe for children. There are three products within the Simply Spray range; Fabric Spray absorbs into the fabric and is a great way to rejuvinate old clothes, curtains, lampshades, pillow cases, dolls and all kinds of crafts. Stencil Spray is like silkscreen in a can, has more body and is great for stencilling. Its thicker formulation also allows it to stick to the edges of your stencil, preventing bleed-under and giving you nice crisp edges. Upholstery Spray is perfect for rejuvinating and transforming your old furniture, carpets and even car upholstery. So what are you waiting for? Try Simply Spray today! Demonstrations of these products are available to view at www.fabricspray.co.uk.

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