Car upholstery repair

Car upholstery repair: revitalise your car interior with fabric spray

When it comes to the topic of car upholstery repair, we tend to hear the same story from our customers. The story goes something like this: your car’s upholstery has seen better days. Maybe your car’s seats have dulled over the years, or are stained from snacks spilt by your kids. Either way, you’re probably wracking your brain, trying to come up with an affordable repair fix. Sounds familiar?

Perhaps you got in touch with your local upholstery repair shop, and your mouth dropped after they priced the job for you. Depending on the type of fabric and quality, most shops would charge over £1K to reupholster a full set of car seats. Spending so much money for a to reupholster your car seats is not realistic for most people’s budget. Depending on the age of the car, it is quite often illogical to fork out the money it would cost to get the job done.

Trust us when we say, we completely understand your aggravation.

But you’ll be pleased to know that there is another option. You can make your car’s interior look like it left the showroom minutes ago, and at a fraction of the price you will pay an upholstery shop.

Fabric spray for your car’s upholstery

Have you ever thought about spray painting your car’s upholstery? If not, it may be worthwhile for you to reconsider. Here at Fabric Spray, we receive daily reviews and messages from delighted customers who have used our fabric sprays to spruce up their car’s interior successfully. With only a few coats of paint, our customers can transform their car, even under a tight budget. Don’t believe us? Just read our product reviews.

Our permanent fabric paint is specially formulated to adhere to upholstery without rubbing off. Also, the paint is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and CFC free. The paint comes in a standard spray bottle for easy application. You directly spray, slowly and evenly, until you are satisfied with the coverage on the fabric. Depending on the size and scope your project, you may need more than a single bottle. We’ve created this quick calculator to help you work out the number of bottles you need for your project. With 15 different colours to choose from, you can easily match the spray colour with the rest of the car’s colour scheme.

The short video below demonstrates how to spray paint your car seats:


Not only for car seats

Why limit yourself to car seats when you can paint any of your car’s fabric parts? Our customers have used Fabric Spray for a wide range of interior parts including convertible soft-top roof, mats, carpets, roof headlining, speaker fabric, parcel shelves and more.

We also stock specialist leather spray paint if you would like to bring your leather car interior back to life. Our range of leather spray paint comes in 6 colour options, including black, brown, camel brown, saddle brown, charcoal grey and clear.

Revive the interior of your camper van

A large segment of our customers uses our range of fabric sprays to smarten up their camper vans. Upholstery that looks old and outdated can easily be revamped to look new and fresh. Whether it’s your camper’s seats, headlining, carpets or cushions, you can transform the appearance of your motorhome.


Instead of shelling out the money for a complete upholstery refit, why not try the Fabric Spray range and give your car a new lease of life? We permit you to treat yourself to something nice with the money you’ll be saving.

You can view our range of fabric and leather sprays to get started. If you have any questions about our products, you can view our FAQ section or contact us here.

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