Car Interior Transformation – Upholstery Spray

Please note: this project idea was sent to us by one of our customers, we did not write it. This is his review of the project using our Upholstery Spray. To see further details of this project and all of the pictures please visit our Project Ideas page. I completed painting panels in my son’s car seats and door cards earlier today with your Upholstery Spray. I am sending you a number of before and after photos, so you can see the dramatic difference it has made. The photos are too big to send in one message, so I will send you two photos in a number of messages, with an explanation as to how I did each item. The two front door cards: I removed the door cards from the doors, laid them flat on the kitchen floor and sprayed them. I didn’t bother masking off the rest of the card, as the upholstery spray simply wipes off hard surfaces very easily. Here are photos of the door cards in position on the doors. The lighting in the after photo could have been better. I can take another one if you like. Now to the seats: These were not as easy to paint as the door cards. I used a brush to paint these panels rather than spraying them. The reason for using a brush was; the seat material was too absorbent, and the surrounding area would have soaked up the paint. I started off painting the edge of the panels, using very little upholstery spray, and drying it immediately with my wife’s hair dryer. Once I had painted around the edge of each panel I filled in the rest of it, small areas at a time, drying with the hair dryer as I went along. These front seats were painted in situ, the backs were reclined all the way back until they were almost flat. Even though the material is absorbent, if the backs remained upright some paint would have ran down the panels onto the surrounding area. The last photo is of the rear seats. These were painted in a similar manner as to the front ones, although I removed the backs of these and painted them flat on the kitchen floor. My son almost didn’t buy this Ford Fiesta car because he didn’t like the interior. The panels reminded him of a living room carpet, and he thought it quite girlie. I convinced him we could do something about the interior, and not to let this put him off the car, as it was a damn good buy. Mind you, I didn’t realise the trouble I would have trying to import the upholstery spray from the USA. I was so glad when I learnt that you, a company in the UK was going to start selling it soon. My son is over the moon with the transformation your product has made to his car. His seats and door cards now match his mostly grey, and black detailed dash. Regards, Ian.

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