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Please find below an independent review of our Simply Spray by Marion Boddy-Evans at About.com Painting. To view the full article, including images, please visit the About.com website. The Bottom Line If you like fabric painting but hate heat setting the paint, then Simply Spray fabric paint may be worth a try as it doesn’t require heat setting. But if you’re not used to spray painting, I recommend practicing before you use the paint on a real project as the paint comes out quickly and it’s easy to make colorful mess! ProsFabric paint doesn’t require heat setting, even if you intend washing the item. – Fabric paint comes out in a fine spray which penetrates fabric fibers. – Non-toxic paint; could be used by children (but be careful not to get it in eyes!) – Washes off hands with soap and water (but not clothes!). Cons – Easy to make a mess very quickly if you’re not used to spray-painting. – Have to wait 72 hours before washing (but you don’t need to heat set). – Aerosol can, not trigger-action (to produce the fine, penetrating spray of paint). – Need to clean tip of the can’s nozzle after each use (rinse or hold upside down until sprays clear). Description – More than 15 colors of fabric paint and 12 stencil paint available, some only as part of a kit. – 2.5 fl oz aerosol can with trigger you hold (not pump). Shake can before each use and spray about 6″ (15cm) from fabric. – Simply Spray is manufactured by USA by Deval Products. Distributed in the UK by Needham Group. – Stencil Spray is a thicker paint that comes out more in a stream than a fine mist like the fabric paint Simply Spray does. – Manufacturer says aerosol spray conforms to US safety standard (ASTM-D 4236) as non-toxic and non-flammable. Guide Review – Simply Spray Fabric and Stencil Paint I think if I had some experience using spray paint of any kind I’d have managed with Simply Spray fabric paint better. But I don’t, and with the speed and force with which the paint comes out, I very rapidly made a mess of my bit of test fabric (albeit a colorful one! The cans may look like they’re trigger activated, but they’re aerosol. This means the paint comes out in a rapid, fine spray that penetrates the threads of your fabric thoroughly. It also means that if you’re working too close to your fabric, you easily end up with a puddle of color. But working further away means color sprays over a larger area. So plan what you’re going to do carefully, and stick down any stencils or masks you’re using so they don’t blow off. And remember the color will likely show through to the other side of the fabric unless it’s something very thick. How long before the paint is touch dry depends on how much paint you applied, but allow at least 30 minutes. You then need to wait 72 hours before washing. I tested it on a piece of lightweight cotton, and the paint didn’t stiffen the fabric much at all, even when dry. Unwashed it feels like a piece of quilting cotton. How far will one can of paint go? I don’t know as I wasted a lot trying to get a feel for how it sprays, but it’s quite a small can so I think not that far. You also loose some clearing the nozzle when you stop. It’ll likely work out expensive for larger projects but there’s definitely a convenience element for small ones, such as tie-dye style tshirts. Simply Spray fabric paint certainly does what it says on the packaging, but it’s quite different to using a brush to apply fabric paint and will take practice to get the most from it. If you do fabric painting I think you’ll have to try a can for yourself to see if you like working with it or not.

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