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Please find below a blog written by About.com’s Marion Boddy-Evans. If you prefer, feel free to visit the About.com website for full details. Simply Spray Fabric Paint Tuesday April 7, 2009 The only painting project I’ve ever used spray paint for was renovating some old metal garden chairs, and I never use spray varnish because I don’t like the risk of inhaling it. So using Simply Spray fabric paint was rather a steep learning curve for me, or put another way, I made a colorful mess in seconds. Not needing heat setting is certainly useful, not stiffening the fabric significantly is wonderful, and the colors I had (orange and yellow fabric paint; gold stencil paint) were intense. But I found myself worrying about the paint spraying past the edges of my dropcloth, so ended up working too close to by fabric and ended up having too much paint come out onto an area and creating puddles. These did absorb into the fabric as it dried, but it was a waste of paint. I’m also used to holding a small stencil to apply spray paint with a brush, but that doesn’t work with a spray — it blows away. Yes, you can stick a stencil down, either with spraymount or ironing down freezer-paper stencils, but that creates another step in the process. Rather I think it’s a paint I’d use to create large areas of color rather than small or more precise ones. Such as the initial color for a fabric design or changing the color of a fabric print.

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