1. Lightly spray your stencil with spray glue to help hold in position on fabric. You may add masking tape, too. pr_puff_step1 2. Tape off surrounding exposed areas with scrap paper. pr_puff_step1 3. Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab. Always practice on scrap fabric or paper towels first. Hold can 6 to 8” away from project. Begin spraying off project and end off project. pr_puff_step1 4. IMPORTANT: Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump. Using a sweeping motion, spray across fabric. pr_puff_step1 5. Spray thin layers multiple times to cover stencil with paint. Do not apply too much paint at once. Paint will spray in a stream. pr_puff_step1 6. After spraying, leave stencil in position and allow paint to dry for several minutes. pr_puff_step1 7. Carefully remove stencil then allow the paint to dry for one hour. pr_puff_step1 8. To create “puff” effect, hold hair dryer approx 3-4” above surface in one spot on high until paint rises. Do not burn paint by leaving hair dryer in one spot after it rises. pr_puff_step1

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