Simply Spray Fabric Paint (Soft)

The Original Fabric Spray Paint – Easy, Quick, Effective & Washable.


Average Rating: 4.86 out of 5 from 59 ratings from our customers.


Completely soft, waterproof, sun and fade resistant once dry. Fabric Spray is the original, patented, spray on fabric paint, as seen on TV and used by 100,000’s of people worldwide.

The spray able fabric dye is extremely easy to use, recommended by hundreds of professionals and used for everything from t-shirts to carpets & car interiors. It’s versatile to the extreme!

The Fabric Spray Paint that’s actually easy-to-use

Accept no substitutes, just take a look at the thousands of projects on Pinterest, the 100’s of reviews and you will see why our fabric paint is the only sensible choice. You don’t need to take the covers off your furniture, rip the carpet out, stick your clothing in the washing machine, try to put a lampshade in the sink, pump the spray bottle, essentially you don’t need to mess around, at all…